Sunday, August 23, 2009

Learning To Move On

There is a time for everything in life. A time to live and to die! In between that time we love, experiment, we gain and lose things! Its a always changing and how do we embrace these changes and how open are we to season as they change? I find that it is so easy to get attached to the good things in life so it is hard for us to let go when its time has come and ended. A heart desire can surpass the reality of the mind and cause an internal battle in decisions and conflicts. I have that issue because my heart speak so loud that I cannot think! My heart usually wins and then my heart gets broken and a whole chain of events follow...

Learning to know when its time to move on is a choice within itself. I have loved this man for so long! Two and half years to be exact. Nothing has changed these feeling! Not his departure from our relationship, lies, disregard for my feelings or the simple fact that he has moved on and is in a new relationship. I have been waiting for time to erase him from my heart but my heart is stubborn and cannot let go of the feeling and my mind is stuck on the memories of the past. At this moment, this very second my hurt is growing colder and the light is dimming as my mind takes over and reality sets in. I have learned many things and this is the very reason why people come into our lives. To teach us and to help us grow whether their presence was a positive or negative one. Women do understand that if man wants to be with you nothing can stop him from doing so and like wise if a man does not want to be with you then nothing I mean nothing can/will make him! Not having his child, lying, deception or anything else that the devil can encourage you with. Just let go and let God.

Now I wonder if true love exist and if my soul mate is out there. Sometimes we, I am so sure that this man is the one for me but God has someone else in mind for me and you. The irony of the situation is that we never let go of the past and the things that are no longer relevant to us so we miss what the future holds. Life is about change, unfairness, trials and tribulations. Life is also about love, friendship, family, children, and all the things that support us. Learn with me as I understand that I have to embrace the bad with open arms like I embrace the good. Smile through the obstacles and prevail through this so called life. This is not something that is easy and can be done alone. I need God to show me the way, I need Jesus to show me the salvation in the end, I need my Father God to hold and carry me when I can't and in the end only he has the unconditional love for me that not even I have for him.

A sadden heart is a dangerous heart! A feeling that can compromise the heart into doing actions that are not good for the body or soul. Ask him (God) for strength and for joy! You see happiness comes and goes and is unstable like the blows but Joy from God is everlasting! But we so frail seek happiness and temporary things and so therefor we are easily disappointed, easily fall and lose sight of our purpose! I have lost the sight of that and cannot repair my heart alone! Its already colder than before and I have less hope in man and less desire to love another man and that man. Circumstances has changed my views and I am moving on. I am not alone, although I forgot about my ultimate provider, comforter and friend. He has never left my side and for that I have to put my whole being in never forgetting him.

Moving on is not an easy process but a necessary one and the wise know this. So as I embrace this aspect of change and leading with my mind and not heart we shall see where this journey ends.......


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